Why Chinese Language Folks Normally Dont Say Nǐ Hǎo

Why Chinese Language Folks Normally Dont Say Nǐ Hǎo

Cantonese originated in southern China and is spoken by the majority population of Hong Kong and Macau. Hakka is spoken by the Hakka folks in southern China and Taiwan. Shanghainese is spoken inside the metropolis of Shanghai. If you use it whenever you meet folks, use 大家好, “dà jiā hǎo”.

When I first got here to China, my impression of this phrase was that it was offhand and impolite. ’ It is commonly used as a substitute, as a greeting you’d make to a colleague or friend. We’ve put together a listing of the commonest Chinese greetings, all of which you need to be taught should you’re learning Mandarin. It’s helpful to know during which context to use these greetings and which of them will assist you to sound more fluent and pure. The Chinese model of this greeting phrase is similar to saying “Have fun today! ” However, it will be too uncooked to speak the literal which means in Chinese, as native Chinese don’t often greet like this.

最近好吗? (zuìjìn Hǎo Ma?)

Comparing to English “what” in the phrase, 怎么 means “how” in Chinese, however the meaning stays the identical. Wèi is more used as a “hey” than “hiya” answering the phone. It’s really simply “good to fulfill you” if you meet someone for the primary time and shake their hand. In English it means “everyone good”, similar to 大家好 (dàjiā hǎo). It’s simply that Chinese folks favor to use meals-associated expressions.

This is the first thing that Chinese people say after they pick up the telephone. It’s just like when English audio system say “howdy? The individual is saying hiya, but also anticipating that the particular person on the other finish identify themselves. I remember the first time somebody greeted me with “nǐ chī le ma? ” I responded that I unfortunately had already eaten, but I could be joyful to eat with them another time.

Most Used Word To Say Howdy In Chinese

This is as a result of they’ll feel compelled to invite you to eat, an invitation which they’ll then count on you to politely flip down. Young individuals are most unlikely to greet each other this way. In truth, saying this to anyone except members of the older generations sounds a bit strange in fashionable China. In English talking nations, the greetings used over the phone are normally the identical as those utilized in on a regular basis life. Indeed, most English audio system merely say “howdy” once they decide up the cellphone.

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